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Detalhes do produto


- For using two PCs/notebooks on one VGA terminal device 
- Gold-plated plug with low contact resistance for secure signal transmission 
- Impedance of 75 ohms for optimum transmission quality 
- One VGA device (e.g. a monitor or projector) is used for two PCs/notebooks, therefore no more need to remove and insert plugs 
- Or for connecting two monitors/projectors to a PC/notebook 
- Maximum resolution: 1600 x 1200 (with 72 Hz) provided that high-quality VGA connection cables with a maximum length of 3.6 m are used 
- No drivers needed

What's in the Box

- 1 HQ manual VGA data switch 1:2

Technical Details

Konnektivität (Anschluss, Verbindung)

Connection VGA (15 pins)

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Model Data Switch
Type of Switching Semi-Automatic

Gestaltung (Farbe, Design, Motiv, Serie)

Colour Black


Do you have two computers you want connecting up to a single monitor which you can use interchangeably? 

Does your work require that you have two computers and two monitors which you use interchangeably but never at the same time? Or do you have two computers at home which are never used at the same time taking up lots of space? If this is you, there is no purpose in cluttering up your desk at work or home with two monitors. You need the HG Manual Data Switch Box 1:2 VGA from Hama! 

Connect up with Hama! 

The HG Manual Data Switch Box 1:2 VGA from Hama, with maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 (with 72 Hz), is a data switch box 15-pin.-HDD, specifically designed to allows you to use one monitor for up to two computers at the same time. Simply connect the two computers and monitor to the HG Manual Data Switch Box via the 15-pin HDD sockets and enjoy the use of both your PCs interchangeably on one monitor by turning the input, semi-automatic daten switch. The Data Switch Box comes with gold-plated connection contacts and high-quality internal wiring with 75 ohms video lines for fantastic RGB signals and the great thing is that no external power supply or lengthy installation process is needed which makes the HG Manual Data Switch Box from Hama, extremely convenient, easy to use and great for using two PCs intermitantly all day long! 

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